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 454 RAAF Squadron - [23.8.44 - 7.6.45]

Wireless Operator - Air Gunner

Warrant Officer - David Etheridge [RAF]

Service No.  1801413

L-R : George Brear, David Etheridge,

Dough Hatcher and "Taffy" Griffiths


David Etheridge travelled from the UK to attend this year's Anzac Day luncheon at the Glenmore Hotel - The Rocks Sydney

with his granddaughter Jessica -- below

See  Anzac Day Sydney 2006 for more photos.


Following on below are photos from David's collection - captions under each photo.


L to R:   ?, Johnny Shillito, Tommy Marron, Syd Butler, ‘Stripper’ Tomich, Paul Rake, Doug McKee

L-R: Jeff Richards, 'Bluey' Munce,

Garth Horton, Harry Marks, Don Gray, George Joyce.

Baltimore 5

L-R : Cyril, Mal, David Etheridge, Joe and

Johnnie Shillito in front of Liberator

Formation over Trieste

Freddy Short

Johnnie Shillito

Mac, Len, Cyril, David and 3 ground boys

Phil Fisher & Johnnie Shillito

Phil Fisher

Phil Fisher

Another prang with crew (tba_01)

Close up of prang and crew [tba_02]

Standing on top [tba_03]

Prang from another angle [tba_04]

W/O Robert Shaw

David and Pam Antonios [from the 454-459 Committee] going through the photos on Anzac Day 2006 at the Glenmore Hotel Sydney

_'Tiny' Dunkley,Ron Thurnham,'Sandy' Dixon & Johnnie Shillito

Back row l to r: Sgt's Ansell, Nelson, Hatcher and Calder

Middle row l to r: Sgt's Newton, Goldsmith, Griffiths, Brear, Henry and Lawrie

Front row l to r: Sgt's David, Hodges, Solomon, Etheridge, Exon

and Sammain

David Etheridge, Doug Hatcher, George Brear, and

'Taffy Griffiths 1944

David Etheridge

David Etheridge & Doug Hatcher

Taffy' Griffiths 'The best pilot in 454 Squadron


A Message from Alan Etheride dated 20th July 2009

"Hi Penny,

My brother Steve asked me to drop you a line re photos of my late father during his time with 454 squadron.

It has taken some time to sort out, from quite a large number of pictures, just which ones may be relevant to 454 as he also served with 249 squadron, however I think I may have identified those that may be of interest.

I feel sure that he must have brought over his album when he last attended a reunion, so I will be surprised if any of these are anything new to you. Although, to my knowledge none of them currently appears on the site.

Browsing your website I have not been able to find any reference to several of the names of his comrades, although I feel sure you will have a more detailed list of those that served with the squadron.

As there are about eighteen pictures I will send them in three emails in order that they download quicker. One will contain a word document which accompanies a group photo of  sixteen men.

I hope these may of interest and some use to you.

With the very best regards from all the Etheridge family,

Alan Etheridge."

For more information on David Etheridge - see pages 156-7 and 171 of Mark Lax's book "Alamein to the Alps" -  Available from our Downloads page