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454 RAAF Squadron Desert Air Force in the Middle East

Warrant Officer Donald (Don) George HEATH

Service No. 417835

Date of Birth:   9 December 1923

Place of Birth:  Unley, South Australia

Place of Enlistment: Adelaide

Date of Enlistment:  18 Jul 1942

Date of Discharge:   18 Dec 1945

The Crew:

418728 Pilot Officer -- RG (Reg) Withers - Pilot

429344 Flying Officer -- HJ (Bert) Nowill - Observer Nav (B)

417835 Warrant Officer -- DG (Don) Heath - WAG

Tom Marron (RAF) Air Gunner

Reg Withers and his crew flew operational sorties with 454 RAAF Baltimore Squadron on the Italian East Coast and over the Po River Valley and Lombardy Plains during the final battles of the Italian campaign, mainly in a night intruder role, from 14.11.44 till 2.5.45 when the Axis armies surrendered.

454 RAAF Baltimore (Bomber) Squadron - Wing Desert Air Force

based at Cesenatico Italy while supporting British 8th Army's drive North and N/W in the final battles of the Italian Campaign 1945.

L-R: Don Heath WAG, John Maxman,

Bert Nowill Nav B, Reg Withers Pilot

In the snow at Cesinatico

Reg Withers in a Baltimore

Beafighter (flying over Fiume in the former Yugoslavia [a nearby city to Trieste -Italy] - is now known as Rijeka - in Croatia)

Don Heath and his wife Marion

(Penny Griffiths - 454-459 Assoc. Centre)

at the 2006 Anzac Day Luncheon - Glenmore Hotel Sydney


Donald G HEATH