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454 RAAF Squadron :  3.10.1943 - August 1944

Dessert Air Force - Baltimores

Sergeant -- James H. HENDY - RAFVR

Wireless Operator - Air Gunner

 Service Number:  1316155

Passed away 26 March 2017

Sergeant Jim Hendy

The Crew:

L-R:  Jim Baber, Rex Robinson, Les Weale and Jim Hendy.


Flying Officer - James Raymond Baber- Pilot

Sergeant Leslie Alexander Weale, RAFVR - WOP/AG

Sergeant James H. Hendy, RAFVR WOP/AG

Sergeant Rex A. Robinson, RAFVR - Observer


L to R:  Les Weale, Rex Robinson, Jim Baber and Jim Hendy


A recent email to our Hon. Secretary Penny Griffiths from Jim's crew member Jim Baber reads as follows:

"Dear Penny,

The ravages of time have dug deep trenches in my memory's field, so that some of those old mates have been lost forever.  At least I still meet an old crew  member, Jim Hendy (now a widower) once for a week for a couple of beers and a chat of old times.  It may be that the impact of those few months with 454 RAAF had a greater effect on our memories, (he remembers more than I do!), than all the other months of civilian life.  Rex Robinson, Navigator, has been smitten with eye trouble.  He lives alone now but has a close relationship with his family.


Finally I applaud your efforts and the other daughters of 454 & 459 Squadrons who have kept the Association alive.  It is heart warming to know that the effort to remember and honour the contribution made to preserve peace will be sustained by your efforts.  Congratulations to you ALL!


Jim Baber."


L to R: Jim Hendy, Jim Baber, Les Weale & Rex Robinson

(more recently)

L to R: Jim Hendy, Jim Baber, Les Weale & Rex Robinson

(more recently)


There are some exciting recollections to be read in the recent book on 454 Squadron called - "Alamein to the Alps" written by Mark Lax - refer to page 109 'April Fool's Day' in particular.