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454 RAAF Squadron

ME Naval Co-op Group then Desert Air Force, Italy


Flight Lieutenant EF "Ted" Mumme (Nav B)

Service Number : 418543


Information supplied by 2003-2004 454-459 Association's Bulletin:

Ted Mumme, operated on important operational sorties with one of the 8 "Shadowing" crews of the Axis Aegean convoy 1st June 1944.




Information supplied by Bob Mitchell in a February 2006 email:

Sixty years ago Ted Mumme was in Brighton, England, when he heard that peace had been declared in Europe.

After several years navigating Baltimore bombers with 454 Squadron in the Middle East, Ted and his friends got on a train to London to celebrate the news.

It was an incredible day.  There were thousands and thousands in London and the lights were back on after such a long time.

Ted said the history books told a different version of events than the way he recalled. It was mistakenly reported his plane was shot down.

We were in Italy doing a new type of pattern bombing and the plane in front was shot down.

"History said it was our plane that did not return."


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