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454 RAAF Squadron

Warrant Officer -  "Frank " Straiton SODEN

Frank Soden

Service No. 404379

Date of Birth: 4.11.1918

Place of Birth : Brisbane

Date of Enlistment : 16.8.1940

Posting of Discharge: Brisbane Medical Unit

Died --4th May 2000


Frank Soden was an "early bird" in the Middle East.  He served with No.69 RAF Squadron on Malta, having been a member of an original crew (Blenheim V) with 454 Squadron RAAF when it began "working up" to operational strength and standards at Quirra, near Mosul and the vast Mesopotamian Oil fields, the prize for which the German armies in Southern Russia and Rommel's Eastern push for Egypt and the Delta area were striving in 1942 until both drives were stopped at Sebastopol and Alamein.

(Unfortunately the Editor relies on information supplied by family members and colleagues and does not have access to wartime and discharge official records)



Mac, Jim and Frank Soden - 454/459 boys