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454 RAAF Squadron

Dessert Air Force

Flight Lieutenant C.B. "Tommie" Tutin


 Service Number:  425077

[Died - 1978]


Pilot - Flight Officer - Norm Gilham

Navigator - Flight Lieutenant Woodhead

WAG - C.B. "Tommie Tutin

WAG - Wing Officer - G. Wilkinson


Email from Penny Griffiths relaying information

from "Tommie" Tutin's son Chris as follows:

Tommie Tutin was promoted to Flt. Lt. on 5/4/45. He would not speak of the war when Chris & siblings were young and he passed away in August, 1978, about a week before Chris turned 21.  Chris says all pictures his Dad kept would be very similar to Norm Gilham's pix.  Chris has given the Committee some help on getting information on Ross Woodhead.  Ross was Chris's sister's Godfather and while his Dad was alive they had a lot of contact .