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454 RAAF Squadron

Mike Wright (Nav B)

Service No. tba


Died : 19.6.1997

454 RAAF Squadron Crew on Pierced Steel Plating (PSP) for “hard standing” and runway over mud.


E.A. Webb -- Pilot (3rd from the left)

M. Wright -- Navigator B (2nd from the left)

Walker -- WAG

B. Newnham -- WAG

Following story from 1998 Bulletin Combined 454/459 Squadrons Association Reunion.

Mike was a man of strong views about correct flying procedures and accurate reporting.  On one occasion he felt very upset about the official historian (John Herington) remarking that the incessant mud at Falconara in Italy, September, 1944 had led to low morale among 454's air and ground crew.  Mike agreed the opposite was the case; in fact despite “grizzling” the effort and morale definitely lifted despite the appallingly wet conditions.  There were record results for September 1944 the wettest month, which included 36 sorties (6 boxes of 6 Balts) on each of three days; and 328 tons of bombs being delivered in that month (only 20 days of operations were possible). 

The photo in front of G-George on the PSP strip certainly shows a happy crew.