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459 RAAF Squadron

Dessert Air Force - Middle East


Ian Davies


Service Number:  TBA


My connection with 459 is that with a small group of friends, we were posted to Chivenor in Devon.  However, on arrival, we found that the said Squadron was still arriving from the  "Med".  After some time spent in officially attaching ourselves to a Canadian Light Squadron,  we were told to go on leave as 459 was being disbanded.  The usual rumours were that we would be sent to 2nd TAF to fly Mitchells.

On returning from leave we found 459 had indeed receIved marching orders and we reinforcements were sent to Moreton in March, where we were crewed and O.T.U.'d.  Despite this considerable delay I was delighted to join the remainder of the Squadron here in Australia.

Regards, Ian Davies.


More information and photos to follow from Ian Davies.