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Served with 459 RAAF Squadron - Middle East Command 1942-45

LAC Thomas Hodgson WT -- RAF

"Tom the Pom"

Service Number 1247513

Thomas Hodgson, ex RAF served from 1942-1945.

Died 17/05/2014


“Tom the  Pom” served with 459 RAAF Squadron from the end of their Hudson days and conversion to Lockheed Venturas (for some four months) and then Baltimores after.

His rank was LAC, and his trade was Flight Mechanic Engines.  He was seconded to the RAAF at the formation of 459 at Burg-el-Arab and the C.O was Squadron/Ldr. Howson. 

Tom is in possession of one of the Black Pennants with the RAAF, embroidered in silk, complete with a gold fringe surround, presented to members by the C/O at the time.

He is photographed below after joining them at Burg el Arab in 1942. 



Tom sitting on the spinner of a Ventura "T" Tommy waiting for the petrol bowser to arrive Benghazi 1943


Ras-El-Bar by the Sea - a day off for me (on Left) and 2 RAF mates


What a day! after a whirlwind hit out tent and ripped it down, this happened many times during the campaign in the desert heat


Myself (on right) & 2 other RAF chaps on arrival at Burg-El-Arab


Tom on the left and Cpl Ray Farmer RAAF Squadron chippy on leave in Port Said prior to the Sqdn disbandment


Cpl Farmer my rigger during our stay with 459.  The rigger looked after the Airframes and I looked after the Engines on our 2 aircraft "T" Tommy and "S" Sugar - taken at Bengahazi


A photo of Tom at Gambut


W/O Nobby Tuttle RAF - he returned to England and visited my parents back home to tell them I was still ok..  He was a very nice chap, the thought of doing something like that, when he should be rushing home himself, thank you.


Tom "The Pom" Hodgson (R) and his best mate Bill Longhurst

Bill Longhurst wrote to the 454 & 459

Association's Secretary recently (2006) to say:- 

"Tom and I went to school together! since about the age of 7 yrs, he is 83 this year and I will be 82,quite a long friendship"?, and we both volunteered to join the R A F together but they called on him first, I still ended up in Palestine Aqir,

Egypt, Benghazi, Iraq, and Khartoum."


Recent photo of Tom "The Pom" Hodgson


Bill Longhurst emailed the 454 & 459 Association's Secretary recently (2006) with this above photo and following caption :- 

"Tom was a great Aero-Modeller, Flying models, and his last effort was a WW2 Wellington Bomber, complete with two engines, retractable undercarriage all operated from the ground, also shown is him wearing the 459 Sqdn Badge " THE SCORPION" along with the black silk banner given to him by the Padre, at the Sqdn formation at Burg-el Arab, 1942."


Some of Tom's photos have been published on the Multimedia page for members to browse.  Thank you Tom.