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459 RAAF Squadron

Dessert Air Force

Flight Lieutenant Claude Anthony "Tony" MARTIN

Service Number:  403224

Tony Martin - Anzac Day 2006 - Sydney


Date of birth:  3.3.1920

Date of Enlistment : 4.1.1941

Discharged : 7.11.1945

Place of birth :  Woolahra, NSW

Died: 18.06.2012

>>we are hoping to receive more information from Tony soon -  the following is a collection of photos from his album

The races - 440

Winning the trophy

Tony enjoying the win

Kicking back with a pipe

It's hot out here !! Tony on the Beach

Mac, Jim and Frank Soden - 454/459 boys

L-R: Shorty - Tony Martin - John Wilkinson & Mac

L-R:  Bill Evans and Tony Martin on leave

Bill Evans

L-R: Bill Evans, Wilkie, Toby, Tony Martin, Tim & Mac

at Loch Lomond - Scotland

L-R: Shorty, Tom Dunstan, Wilkie & Mac

L-R:  Col Walker, Bruce Gillard, Wilkie,

Shorty, Merv Murphy & Alan McArthy

Don Quixote alias Bill Gordon

Wilkie by the turret

Doug Madrell on first ops trip

Shorty & Mac

Tony Martin, Pat Gayer, John Wilkinson and Sep Owen


Anzac Day 2006 below

Tony Martin (on right) chatting with Doug Law

459 - Anzac Day 2006

L-R:  Phil Vardy, Doug Law and Tony Martin - Anzac Day 2006

Angela Bishop of Channel 10 Sydney interviewing Tony Martin (on right), Doug Law (centre) - Anzac Day 2006

TV 10 Interview - Anzac Day 2006 - L-R:  Doug, Tony Martin and

Sep Owen being interviewed


Claude Anthony MARTIN