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459 RAAF Squadron - Middle East

Leading Aircraftman Ian Duncan ROBINSON

Service No. 56054


Date of Birth:  13 Nov 1921

Place of Birth :  Armadale, Victoria, Australia

Date of Enlistment : 18 May 1942

Place of Enlistment :  Caulfield, Victoria

Date of Discharge: 18 February 1946

Rank on Discharge:  Leading Aircraftman

Posting at Discharge : 43 Base

Died: 15 April 2010

Personal memoirs


An Australian Fitter IIE (Engines) with 459 - he received his 6 months engineering training with the NO. OTU, at first when it was based at Bairnsdale, Vic, and later when it moved to East Sale (where a big aerodrome had opened and they worked mainly on Beaufort engines.)  Ian worked there for a few weeks before receiving news that he was to be posted overseas.  He left on an American boat and headed to Bombay.  I was to join 459 Squadron at Gambut in November 1943, and he stayed with that unit until it was disbanded in 1945.

Ian Robinson is in the back row second from the left, with black beret and hand on hip

459 on the move - Bardia Pass - Western Desert

459 Christmas 1943 menu

Crash landing of Baltimore - Pilot Ken Crook walked away from the wreck

459 squadron, Flight D, was at Gambut, Western Desert




This is the personal website of the author, Peter Robinson, son of an English WAAF clerk and an Australian RAAF mechanic Ian Duncan Robinson - 459. The book has been instigated by their tales of incredible hardship and inspirational camaraderie of the WWII period 1939-45.