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459 RAAF Squadron

Dessert Air Force - Middle East

Flying Officer - Alan Fraser Rush


Service Number:  405258


Born:  2nd July 1917

Died:  1994 (approx)

Date of Enlistment:  3rd March 1941

Place of Enlistment: Sydney, NSW

Date of Discharge: 31 Aug 1945

Rank : Flying Officer

Alan was involved in Aegean bombing raids which were mounted as part of a third dusk strike against the two vital ships on 19th June 1944, using 7 aircraft.  These aircraft carried heavier loads, bombing was the most accurate achieved yet - bombs from Alan's Ventura straddling the Agathe, while those from the 2nd Vic fell in the harbour nearby.

The following information has been supplied by Alan's son:

Alan was my father. He retired from the Commonwealth public service (Australian Taxation Office Valuation Section) on the 15th March 1978, and passed away on the 7th July 1984. His wife Marjorie, my mother, passed away on the 29 December 1996 and is survived by his myself and my sister Jennifer.

I've included a photo of my father in uniform taken sometime during World War 2. If it is appropriate it can be posted on the web site.

Whilst I don't have much information about his WW2 days he didn't like to discuss them I'm happy to correspond with anyone who knew him during this period and would be very interested to fill in my gaps."


February 2007 :  Ian Robinson explains “Alan was my boss in the Valuation Office of the Australian Tax Office.  Alan on his discharge from the RAAF undertook the Valuation cover, I think in Sydney.  I worked with him for some six years until I retired into my own practise.  Alan was a genial person who commanded the utmost respect from his staff.  While we both served on the same Squadron we had only limited contact.  I know his crew respected him.” 

Alan Fraser RUSH