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The Harvard

The Harvard was an American designed two-seat general-purpose military monoplane with tandem cockpits and sliding enclosures. In the training variant there were dual controls, with the rear control quickly removable. The Harvard was the British and Canadian designation for the North American AT-6 Texan, and was built by the Noorduyn Aviation Limited of Montreal and the Canadian Car & Foundry under license from North American Aviation, Inc. The AT-6 terminology ranged from the Texan in the United States Army Air Force, the SNJ in the United States Navy and the Harvard in Canadian, Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm service.

This family of trainers is easily the most widely built trainer of all time.

More than 17,000 Harvards were eventually built in the US or under license in Australia, Canada, Japan, the Netherlands and Sweden. 2,610 Harvard IIB's were built in Canada by Noorduyn Aviation Limited, and 555 Harvard Mk IV by the Canadian Car and Foundry in the 1950s. Many remained in service in military air arms for over twenty years after the end of WWII, finally serving in a total of more than 40 airforces around the world.

South Africa was the last air force to use the Harvard after 55 years service, from 1940-1995.

Harvard ready to go - Harvard (N.A.I.6) - [Pilot R. Nossiter - 459]

Harvard formation flying

Harvard cockpit